Protruding hand veins and hand rejuvenation

When it comes to varicose veins and spider veins, the face and legs get most of the attention. One area that does not get as much attention is our hands. Although prominent hand veins are normal veins, some may become bulgy and protrude at the back of the hand with age.

The three main factors that make hands look “old” include:

  • Thick bulging veins that protrude from the back of the hand.  This occurs because of loss of skin and vein wall elasticity as we age.
  • Age spots, mostly due to sun damage.
  • Loss of tissue. As the hand becomes older, it has less subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Sclerotherapy for hand and veins

Sclerotherapy is not a new science, but has evolved into a more exact and effective way to shrink aesthetically undesirable veins. The technique for treating hand veins by sclerotherapy is similar to the technique for treating leg veins. This procedure involves injecting a chemical solution called ‘sclerosant’ into the hand vein. The vein then hardens and disappears.

As there are many veins in the hand, there will still be normal blood flow through the untreated veins.


Adjunct treatments for hand rejuvenation

Optimum hand rejuvenation requires treating all aspects of hand ageing. Age Spots are the small, brownish dots that appear on the back of the hands after years of sun damage. These spots can be eliminated with laser treatment.

Loss of Tissue. To solve this issue, fillers (the same as fillers used for facial rejuvenation), may be used to plump and fill in the tissue that has been lost.

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